Anthony Cox President Picture .png


Anthony D. Cox, Esq. (ZΘΛ’17)





   Anthony D. Cox, Esq. (ZΘΛ’17)


   Vice President

   Joseph Robinson, Jr. (IB ’79)^


   Recording Secretary

   Durrell Burns (ZΘΛ’18)


   Corresponding Secretary

   L. Gary Moore, Jr.  (EZ ’72)


   Financial Secretary

  Raymond W. Chambers Jr., PE (ZΘΛ ’09)^



   Lawrence S. Early, Sr. (ZΘΛ ’08)



   Freddie Player (ΔΓ ’69)



   David Saunders (N '84)


   Director of Intake

   Durrell Burns (ZΘΛ’18)


   Associate Editor of The Sphinx

   Jahmaad Harrell (ZΘΛ ’19)


   Director of Educational Activities

   Dewitt L. Miller  ZΨ ’89



   Cedric Harris (ΔK ’98)



   Mario Martinez (ZΘΛ ’18)

   Immediate Past President

   Dewitt L. Miller  ZΨ ’89

*Life Member             ^ Past President


President’s Letter: 




Welcome to the webpage for the 241st House of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. by way of the Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter seated in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As an organization that is rooted in leading our youth onward and upward, our chapter takes pride and serving as leaders and bettering the youth in our local communities. As an organization that is rooted in love for all mankind, our chapter takes pride welcoming and serving the Harrisburg and surrounding communities with open arms.


In my first-year of presidency, one of my goals is to ensure that we value “Brotherhood over Business.” Specifically, it is my goal that all brothers whether local or afar feel welcomed and appreciated. It is also my goal that we can continue to serve as leaders in the Harrisburg community and make our world a better place each day for those who are underserved and underprivileged.


Please reach out to us if you ever want to collaborate or fellowship with us. I want to thank everyone who continues to support us and ask that you continue to monitor our website and social media for upcoming events and opportunities for collaboration. 




Anthony D. Cox, Jr., Esq.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter


“The Harrisburg Alphas”