Dewitt L. Miller, President





   Dewitt Miller (ZΨ ’89)


   Vice President

   Carl A. Freeman, MBA (ZΘΛ’15)


   Recording Secretary

   Durrell Burns (ZΘΛ’18)


   Corresponding Secretary

   L. Gary Moore, Jr.  (EZ ’72)


   Financial Secretary

  Raymond W. Chambers Jr., PE (ZΘΛ ’09)^



   Lawrence S. Early, Sr. (ZΘΛ ’08)



   Joseph Robinson, Jr. (IB ’79)^



   David Saunders (N '84)


   Director of Intake

   Anthony D. Cox Jr. Esq. (ZΘΛ ’17)


   Associate Editor of The Sphinx

   Jahmaad Harrell (ZΘΛ ’19)


   Director of Educational Activities

   Freddie Player (ΔΓ ’69)



   Matthew K. Coleman (ZΘΛ ’08)*



   Mario Martinez (ZΘΛ ’18)

   Immediate Past President

   Charles E. Gibson III, Ed.S. (ZΘΛ ’12)*

*Life Member             ^ Past President


Family and Community,


As we freshly embark upon our 64th year of strong leadership, in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas, the Brothers of Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, are enthusiastic about unveiling the various events and collaborations we have planned for year 2019.  As an organization deeply rooted in serving the community and enhancing the future of our youth, we aggressively embrace our continued role and remain active and aware that “it takes a village” of committed individuals in order to effectively improve the community and the mindsets of those individuals who reside within it.  


In my second year of presidency, of our renowned chapter, I am extremely proud of the growth and progress with our vision and overall mission and feel quite confident that, with the influx of newer brothers and ideas, we will remain socially conscious and active regarding ways we can do OUR part to make a difference.  We interminably challenge each other to adhere to the commitments made when we took our oath and we feel this approach prevents complacency in our efforts.  We are also very fortunate to have an abundance of Post Collegiate Greek Life, in our area, that share our passion and dedication and we look forward to consistently pushing each other to be even greater as fellow organizations.  Finally, I want to thank all the individuals that continue to support our endeavors and ask that you peruse our website and mark your calendars for upcoming events and other ways to partner with us on our ongoing journey. 



Brother Dewitt Miller, President

Zeta Theta Lambda Chapter

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

“The Harrisburg Alphas”           


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